A new way of funding content

Whether it's music, art, video, or any other kind of digital content, Upstart introduces fixed revenue pricing to revolutionize the funding and ownership process.


No choosing unit prices.

Your revenue matches your goals.

Maximize your audience.

See your demand directly.

Guarantee your revenue before releasing your work.

Incentivize buying from the original source.



No ads!

You own the content you buy. Copy it. Keep it forever.

Lower prices by collective funding at the optimal price.

Know your creators are getting the fudning they need.

Defragment your content. All media types are supported.


Public revenue targets add transperency to the creator-consumer relationship.

Nano cryptocurrency allows fast, feeless payments around the world.

Defragment the digital ecosystem.

Counteract digital degradation and loss of contextual information.

Explore completely new use-cases for fixed revenue pricing.


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