Consumer FAQs

Why should I pay for content when so much exists online for free?

If you want to support content creators, you have to pay them. Different websites have different ways of generating revenue for creators, such as advertisements or subscriptions. Here we enable you to pay them directly.

I placed a bid, why can't I view the content?

If you can't view the content, it either means the item has not yet sold, or that you haven't bid enough to join the sale. If the item has not yet sold, you will have to wait for more people to bid with you. Share it with your friends and consider bidding more. You can see the current progress of the sale on the status tab of the item.

I'm not happy with my purchase, what should I do?

If the creator delivered what they stated, but the content did not meet your expectations, there is a rating system and comment section where you can voice your opinion. If the creator misrepresented what they were selling outright, it is fraud and you should report the item promptly. Items reported for violating the Terms can result in a reversal of sale, but it is best to do so early (during the evaluation period) for the best chance of retrieving your funds.

Creator FAQs:

Other websites pay me around $3 - $5 per 1000 views in ad revenue. How do you compare?

Since users are paying directly, we don't host ads. If you assume your viewers are willing pay at least one cent per video, you could generate at least $10 per 1,000 views while also saving them the trouble of viewing ads.

What happens if I set my target revenue too high and my item doesn't sell?

In the unfortunate scenario that the demand for your item is not meeting your expectations, you can always lower the target revenue after publication. This allows you to be up-front and ambitious with your initial targets without risking a complete loss of revenue if it doesn't work out. At any given time you can look at your demand curve and see the maximum revenue currently possible, allowing you to sell the item immediately if you wish.

Doesn't this put a limit on my revenue? Why should I settle for a limit?

There are two parts to this answer: first, if your work becomes popular enough, your revenue may not necessarily be fixed. While new purchases typically go towards lowering the price for other buyers, we have introduced the idea of a floor price. After a certain point the price is so small that most consumers wouldn't care about lowering it further; moreover, the computational effort to redistribute such small amounts of money to many people is no longer worthwhile. At that point, we would send the new revenue to you once again.

However, we don't expect that most items will reach this point. So, why should you accept limitations? First, our service allows you to discover the optimal price without risk or expense. Moreover, by allowing nonuniform pricing it is possible to exceed the revenue theoretically possible with a single price, while also increasing your audience. Finally, you are free to choose higher revenues for your future works. If you feel that you have improved or your audience has grown, so can your revenue.

How long does it take me to get paid?

For standard users, we have a brief evaluation period after sale to give users a chance to report any violations (e.g. fraud) before paying the creator. You can bypass this waiting period by becoming a Verified User, which requires you to give us personal information to verify your identity in case a sale needs to be reversed.